Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa Awarded Green Globe Gold

Green Globe congratulates Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa on being awarded Gold status for its continuous efforts towards environmental and sustainable practices.

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa is situated on one of the 1,200 islands that constitute the beautiful country of the Maldives. Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa was the first resort in the Maldives to receive the Green Globe certification for Building, Planning and Design Standard in 2005. The design of the hotel preserves and reinforces the existing native foliage of the island, promotes rainwater harvesting and minimizes the disruption of the corals.

Great importance is placed on environmental and socially sustainable initiatives in this pristine, remote area and the resort is dedicated to protecting the coral reefs, marine and plant life. Jimena Ramon Montemayor, Marine Biologist at the resort, conducts the reef monitoring program Reef Watch on a monthly basis as well as records water temperatures to keep track of the reef’s health and recovery. As a part of an outreach program, Go Deeper talks are given twice a week where guests can learn more about different topics related to the marine environment and also the culture of the Maldives.

Water is a precious resource in the Maldives and the resort has a water treatment plant where wastewater, including grey water, is treated effectively and reused. This reduces aquatic pollution, protects aquatic ecosystems and reduces risks to human health. Reusing wastewater increases the availability of potable water as well as reduces sewage and treatment costs. Both black and grey wastewater is managed in a non-polluting way by using biological bacteria reactors to clean the water. In addition, both STP and HVAC water is tested by an accredited scientific laboratory to confirm that it is free from Legionella and Coliforms.

The property has a comprehensive Sustainability Management Plan. A program to reduce the production of waste is followed whereby all plastic bottles are replaced with glass bottles, plastic straws replaced with paper ones and plastic takeaway boxes replaced with bento boxes. The coffee capsules used at the property are 100% biodegradable and meets Fair Trade standards. A strict waste management plan is also in place to minimize waste that is not reused or recycled, by specifying, recording and monitoring reduction goals on a monthly basis. Furthermore, there is a waste separation plant where all solid waste is carefully sorted into material categories such as metal, aluminium and paper.

Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa has its own Hyatt Thrive team which organises CSR activities and environmental events. This active team works with local communities providing educational activities and raising awareness. Local school children are invited to the resort for educational talks on topics such as care of the reef and swimming lessons are also given. Recreational activities including football matches, snorkelling and educational activities are also organised in nearby communities.

The resort supports the local islands and local residents wherever possible. Local reef fish, lobster and yellowfin tuna are used in a large variety of dishes enjoyed by guests along with locally grown papaya, watermelon, banana and coconuts. Kitchens prefer fish supplied by local fishermen who use the traditional pole and line fishing which is the most sustainable method.

Hosts and guests at Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort join World Oceans Day activities

Outrigger Konotta Maldives Resort today held “Our Ocean, Our Future,” marine awareness events to honour World Oceans Day 8 June. The events were an extension of Outrigger’s global OZONE (Outrigger’s Zone) marine conservation program, with all nine Outrigger Resorts participating around the world.

In the Maldives, Outrigger staff and guests conducted a beach and lagoon reef clean up to remove marine debris from the reef. Later in the afternoon there was a coral restoration program. After a briefing, guests helped the Best Dives Konotta staff attach fragments of coral to a metal frame which will be placed underwater to encourage new coral growth.

In the evening, guests and staff gathered around the pool and watched a documentary called “Planet Ocean” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

In the Outrigger Kids Club, youngsters participated in World Oceans Day by painting pictures with the theme, “My Ocean”. There were ocean face painting sessions, creating sand sculptures and a viewing of the Walt Disney movie “Moana”.

The lagoon clean up and the key activities of World Oceans Day were led by Best Dives Maldives.

This June, throughout World Oceans Month, Outrigger Resorts properties worldwide are offering a diverse range of immersive activities and conservation opportunities for Outrigger guests to get in the OZONE mind-set and make a difference, even while on vacation.     

Some 60% of the world’s coral reefs are being denuded by climate change, land-based pollution and unsustainable fishing. Outrigger’s OZONE conservation program encourages guests to become part of the solution by participating in marine conservation activities while on vacation.

2nd Annual ASC Maldives Open 2015 kicked off at Adaaran Select HudhuranFushi

Asian Surfing Championship (ASC) Maldives Open 2015 kicked off its 2nd event yesterday at Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi. This event is a collaborative event organized by Maldives Bodyboarding Association (MBBA), Ministry of Tourism and ASC under a signed MOU for 5 years which started in 2014. Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi is also the primary sponsor and the host for this event. This event will be taking place for the next three years at one of the best surf points in Maldives, Lhohis Point at Adaaran resort.

Asian Surfing Championship (ASC) Maldives Open 2015

The opening event took place yesterday at Lhohis point where surfers and bodyboarders were catching the heat. The event started off with speeches from the Vice President of MBBA, Mr. Mohamed Khushruwan Ahmed, the General Manager of ASC Mr. Tim Hain and a supportive thanking speech from the Managing Director of Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC) Mr. Abdulla Ziyath. This event concluded with a boduberu performance by Adaaran’s very own Boduberu team, a press conference at the end of the evening.


ASC is one of the largest and most well-known surfing bodies in Indonesia that has been running since 2010 with the goal of helping countries in Asia, to grow the sport of surfing and bodyboarding by organizing such events that will help develop the skills of their surfers in healthy competition as well as to discover and attract more local and international surfers throughout the Asian region.

Asian Surfing Championship (ASC) Maldives Open 2015

The ASC works with many local, national and multinational event sponsors and organizers to maximize the result of these competitive surfing events, towards accomplishing the goal of sharing the sport and bringing positive economic, social and environmental benefits to the Asian region.

Asian Surfing Championship (ASC) Maldives Open 2015

With the help of such organizations, Maldives has been provided with a great opportunity to promote Maldives as a surf destination to that particular segment of the markets with some of the top surfers and bodyboarders from the Asian region visiting Maldives for this event. Such events will further put Maldives as a sought after surf destination in the global arena.

Asian Surfing Championship (ASC) Maldives Open 2015