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Enjoy the most Maldives has to offer, besides enjoying the white sandy beaches of the islands there several other activities one can enjoy, including: Scuba Diving, Big game fishing, Water Sports, Picnics, Local culture, and Surfing

  • Connectivity

    Although Maldives is spread in a north south direction in the middle of the Indian Ocean, today it is widely interconnected as well as connected to the world. There are nine regional airports, Maldivian,Trans Maldivian Airways and FlyMe operate to these airports and the seaplane services from all three airlines make almost all islands easily accessible. Major airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Qatar, Emirates, British Airways and many more have scheduled flights to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. IDD facilities and broadband internet are available. The 3g and 4g networks provided by Dhiraagu and Ooredoo makes it possible to be connected to the entire world even when on a dive trip to the outer reef edge.

  • Of Interest

    Notable places of interest are in Malé, and ruins of the Buddist era can be found spread amongst some of the islands. Malé excursions are regularly organisd by resorts and guest houses and in Malé make sure you visit the Hukuru Miskiiy and see the Munnaaru (minaret), Medhu Ziyaaraiy which is the tomb of Abul Barakaath Barbary credited for converting Maldivains to Islam, Muleeaage- presidential palace, Maldives National Museum, Islamic Center and enjoy shopping for Souvenirs in the northern portion of Chaandhanee Magu.

  • Getting Around

    As Maldives consists of several islands sea transport is essential. Each resort has its speed boat service or sea plane service. There are ferry services available form the airport and also to the atolls from Malé. There are two main hospitals and both are in Malé.
    All major credit cards are accepted in all the resorts and most guest houses. For the traveler visiting guest houses it is better to do that banking in Malé as similar to resorts, ATMs may not be available in some islands.
    The banks operating in the Maldives are:
    Bank of Maldives: +960 332 2948
    State Bank of India: +960 331 2111
    HSBC: +960 333 0770
    Habib Bank: +960 332 2948
    Bank of Ceylon: +960 332 3045
    Mauritius Comm Bank: +960 330 5656
    Maldives Islamic Bank: +960 332 5555

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