Kuramathi Maldives organized interesting activities for Earth Week

Kuramathi Maldives organized a week-long event for Earth Week. The event involved an island clean-up, educational visual presentations about the environment, and a guided tour of the island’s precious resources. Kuramathi Maldives’s dedicated team members and helpful guests contributed to the success of this environment initiative.

In Day 1, the team members split up to collect all the plastics, aluminum runs and other rubbish on the island. The next day, more than 30 certified divers participated in a clean-up dive and gathered 30 bags of garbage from the ocean.

The resident marine biologist also organized an informative presentation about “Protecting our Species” including the opportunity to get a sneak peek of marine life through a microscope. Kuramathi concluded Earth Week strolling along the island’s Nature Trail and visiting the Hydroponic Garden, one of the best spots of the property. Seeing all the fresh salad greens grown on the island was one of the major highlights of Earth Day. Kuramathi Maldives harvest about 500 kilograms of different salad greens every month to serve in the guest and team member buffets.

At kuramathi, they are proud to announce that they believe if all worked together no matter how big or small, the combined effort will surely benefit our environment and our beautiful planet.