Exploring The Underwater Realm On Board ‘Coral’

A first on Kuramathi, embark on a trip on board ‘Coral’, the resort’s very own glass-bottomed boat and glimpse through the wonders the Maldives has to offer without dipping a toe in the water. An experienced skipper will glide the boat over the stunning reefs of Rasdhoo, ‘Giri’; a famed site and lastly at the famous shipwreck in Kuramathi. Taking a total of 45 minutes, the trip lets you witness fish of every colour and size as they dart underneath the glass viewing panels on the boat.
Glass Bottom Boat, Kuramathi Island Resort
Alternatively, you could choose from a guided tour with the resident marine biologist who discusses interesting sea life you may come across and answering any questions you may have. The boat follows the same journey as the normal excursion, however after the wreck, you will be taken to see the underwater coral nursery and explained what its purpose is.
Glass Bottom Boat, Kuramathi Island Resort
For those seeking a private charter of the glass-bottomed boat, the option is open as well as you get to discover secret reefs of the Rasdhoo archipelago. Allowing a capacity of 6 guests you’re bound to uncover a wealth of marine knowledge with the aid of the marine biologist who joins on this educative expedition!
Underwater, Kuramathi Island Resort
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World Environment Day and World Ocean Day celebration at Kuramathi
The eco-friendly resort laid out an extensive program for its guests on both dates to encourage awareness of the environment and by engaging in fun, educative activities.

Aerial view, Kuramathi Island Resort
Kuramathi Island Resort

On World Environment Day, the agenda included a Nature Tour of Kuramathi guided by the Chief Engineer as he delved into the operational areas of the resort. Starting from the iconic 300 year old Banyan Tree to the powerhouse and desalination plant, the stroll consisted of spiels focused on the sustainability practices integrated in the resort operations, highlighting their importance and how cost-efficient and conservative it is, in terms of energy consumption. The tour ended with the guests getting freshly plucked coconuts from the towering palm trees of Kuramathi with a mini demonstration of the art of coconut plucking.
Earth Week, Kuramathi Island Resort
World Ocean Day, Kuramathi Island Resort

On World Ocean Day, a group of enthusiastic divers comprising of dive instructors, team members and guests took a giant stride into the lagoon with a mission; to collect as much debris as possible. Their efforts achieved fruition, as each diver bravely presented garbage in all forms, from rusty steel pipes, to old tires and plastic bottles lying about on the ocean floor. After a group photograph of their bountiful search, they celebrated by toasting each other with coconuts on the beach.
World Ocean Day, World Environment Day, Kuramathi Island Resort
World Ocean Day, World Environment Day, Kuramathi Island Resort

Later that day, a special documentary was screened to showcase the importance of the day and how the environment is susceptible to the human footprint. It was a successful event and Kuramathi stands elated, and ready to host another event next year.