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The creative duo behind the ‘Hot Pot and Mongolian Hat’ ambience

Recently we opened up a new avenue for foodies, dubbed as the ‘Hot Pot and Mongolian Hat’ dining experience. Located behind Inguru restaurant, this scenic venue provides a novel communal dining system of the Far Eastern delicacies. But let’s not forget the fine features of the mural wall embellished by tribal art and design, thanks to top upcoming artists Lisa Mam and Peap Tarr.

Underwater Diaries of Kuramathi

The Maldives has been on every diver’s wish list, and it is obvious why. For instance, where else can you explore the spectacular marine life so freely and safely? Second, the waters here are so temperate and warm, you might feel as if you’ve stepped into a natural jacuzzi (minus the whirlpool effect though). Third, you’re bound to encounter that fish you’ve been waiting to brag about so badly to your friends and family. Fourth, you would need at least a year to uncover the mysterious secrets of the deep in the Maldives that is from the North till South, meaning there’s always a reason to come back for more.

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