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The Whale Shark Expedition

One of the best things to do on Maafushivaru is to spot the biggest fish in the world – whale sharks. Located in South Ari atoll, Maafushivaru is an hour’s drive away to the famous local island ‘Maamigili’, the prime site for seeing whale sharks in great numbers. Embark on a dive trip or on a guided excursion with the resident marine biologist to witness this amazing once in a lifetime experience with the shark that sports the widest grin.

Ari Explorer — Kandolhu’s Prized Safari

With its sleek design spelling out lavishness and elegance, Ari Explorer is the famed yacht of Kandolhu Island. Measuring 25 meters in length, the vessel stands proud and tall cruising the North Ari atoll with the many excursions it offers. Take the Sunset Cruise for instance, where you board Ari Explorer in the afternoon to sail across the endless horizon while witnessing the awe-inspiring sunsets in the Maldives. Canapés and champagne are served by a private waiter and crew are on standby watching for Dolphins as you delight in the beautiful colours spread out on the sky.

Coco Bodu Hithi reveals the Trendsetting Coco Residences

Welcoming the latest trends in experience-led travel, the luxury boutique hotel brand Coco Collection is delighted to introduce Coco Residences at Coco Bodu Hithi, re-launching in May 2015 with signature privileges. Perched on stilts over the crystalline lagoon, previously known as Escape Water Residences, the Coco Residences will redefine luxury through tailored experiences, courtesy of dedicated Lifestyle Hosts trained to blend lavish comforts with boundless surprises.

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