Sanken to build two resorts in the Maldives

Sanken Overseas will invest over US$ 330 million to build two resort hotels in the Maldives, Fiji and an energy project in Africa.
In addition the company has undertaken the construction work of four other resorts in the Maldives to the value of US$ 300 million.
Sanken Overseas Chief Executive officer B. B. Kalupana said the resort branded as Amari Havodda Maldives resort will be opened on January 14. The property will be managed by the Onex Hospitality group and will have two suites, 58 water villas and 60 beach villas. “This is our first hospitality investment outside Sri Lanka. The first was Cinnamon Red hotel.”
Amari Havodda Maldives resort has made history in the Maldives being the most quickest constructed hotel. It was built in one year. The total investment was around US$ 50 million and funds were raised with a foreign partner.
Amari Havodda Maldives
Sanken Overseas has also requested for a second island in the Maldives to build a second resort hotel. “This too would 100 plus key property.” Both the islands are being obtained directly from the government on a 50 year ‘head’ lease. “We hope to market each room for around US$ 600.”
He said Sanken Overseas has also obtained another land in Malé City to build an 88 room business hotel. “We will start construction in February and it would be another US$ 50 million investment.”Both hotels would be 50 minutes flying time away from the Maldives international airport.
Ravindra Wijesooriya, Head of Administration, Sanken Overseas, said that they employed over 700 Sri Lanka staff for the construction.
Sanken Overseas Assistant General Manager Duleesha Wijesiri said they are also looking at a major power project in Africa. “Due to intense competition we don’t want to disclose further details at this point. It would be a US $ 200 million investment.”
Special Projects Director Mevan Gunatilleke said the company is currently involved in building four resorts with over 400 rooms for clients in Germany, Turkey, Russia and Mauritius. The value of them will be in the excess of US$ 190 million.