Maldives Defence Chief dismisses reported sighting of MH370 flying over the Maldives.

Malaysian acting Transport Minister has revealed to the press that the claim of sighting of the lost Malaysian Airline flight MH370 flying low over the Maldives is not true. He said the Malaysian Chief of Defence has conferred with his Maldives counterpart and the Maldives Defence Chief has told him that its not true.

Artist impression of MH370 over Maldives
Artist impression of MH370 over Maldives

The Chief of Defence of the Maldives, Major General Ahmed Shiyam has told the local papers that the reports coming from Kudahuvadhoo islands cannot be confirmed as the reports are uncertain, and upon their request Maldives Police is investigating the matter and will have a more certain report when the police investigation is concluded.
General Shiyam said that he had conveyed to his Malaysian counterpart that there are only two airports in the Maldives where a 777 can land namely the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in Male and Gan international airport in Addu city and the flight did not land in either of the airports. He also said that they use satellite surface radar and the flight was not picked up on it and since the EEZ ( exclusive economic zone) of the Maldives is too large, they wouldn’t be able to find it even if the flight has crashed within the zone.
Residents of the island of Kudahuvadhoo claims to have sighted a low flying jet on the morning of the day the Malaysian airline flight went missing and due to the loud noise of the low flying plane many people have come out of their houses to see the plane. They claim they have seen the sea planes which usually fly over the island and that particular flight was not a seaplane and that it was a large jet with red markings on a white body and was flying low enough for people to see the windows of the plane.
Maldives police have still not concluded their investigations on the sighting.