LUX* Maldives Reinforces Local Support For Coral Reefs Conservation

In line with the continuous effort to safeguard the biodiversity and resilience of coral reefs throughout the South Ari Atoll, LUX* Maldives announces that its Marine Biologist Center will start implementing a coral reef monitoring project.
This new conservation project aims to preserve and protect the marine ecosystems around Dhidhoofinolhu island and increase the guest’s awareness about the importance to adopt sustainable environmental practices in order to protect coral reefs, the most diverse and vulnerable ecosystem in the ocean.
LUX* Maldives
LUX* Maldives’ Marine Biologist Chiara Mascetti, has therefore conducted a workshop regarding coral reefs and climate changes in the Maldives with the participation of Gabriel Grimsditch, Senior Project Officer at IUCN, the world’s largest environment network. She has been trained on how to recognize coral bleaching and how to collect relevant information and data in order to “help scientists and managers at a national level, to have a better understanding and general trends of health of coral reefs and to identify which parts of the reef are healthy, recovering or damaged”, explains Gabriel Grimsditch.
“Monitoring and understanding what is happening on the reef and developing Marine Managed Areas is crucial to implement effective environmental management strategies and decide where to focus our efforts” adds Chiara Mascetti, the Marine Biologist.

Diving, LUX* Maldives
Diving, LUX* Maldives

LUX* Maldives has also received recently the Green Fins certification which rewards diving-centers for their environmentally friendly tourism activities. Through the implementation of the Green Fins Code of Conduct, LUX* Maldives world-class PADI Diving Center Euro-Divers will ensure to promote and encourage responsible diving behaviors towards all its guests.
“LUX* Maldives has always been highly dedicated to the principles of responsible tourism to lead the way for a brighter future. We are particularly proud to strengthen our support to local institutions and national research programmes to preserve, sustain and restore our reefs, which are home to an incredible array of wildlife”, says Shaun Dünhofen, General Manager of the resort.
Turtle, Reef, LUX* Maldives
Reef, LUX* Maldives

LUX* Maldives’ Marine Biology Center also organizes all sorts of research programs and activities for guests of all ages to raise awareness about marine conservation in the South Ari Atoll of the Maldives.
LUX* Maldives
LUX* Maldives

The project REGENERATE, a partnership project between IUCN, USAID and the Government of the Maldives, aims at developing a Resilience-Based Management (RBM) framework to improve the ability of policymakers and stakeholders in the Maldives to understand and address the risks from global, regional and local-scale pressures on their environment.
About Green Fins Initiative
The Green Fins initiative has been initiated by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) under the Regional Seas programme as part of the effort to increase public awareness and management practices that will benefit the conservation of coral reefs and reduce unsustainable tourism practices. It is overseen by the Coral Reef Unit of UNEP based in Bangkok in collaboration with Reef-World. Green Fins is a comprehensive approach that encourages dive centers and snorkel operators, local communities and governments to work together to reduce their environmental impacts.